The First Episode

In the weeks following the Enactus Showcase, the PushStart team worked with renewed vigour to get our new idea moving. We did research into podcast platforms and got our hands on some basic recording equipment. Jordan Tholl, our old buddy from the Showcase, agreed to be our first guest on the podcast to talk about Paperback Beads.

At the time, we were using a podcasting software that required us to do the entire episode in a single take with no cuts or editing, a challenge for three sleep-deprived students late in the semester. Our microphone also only allowed us to record from one side, forcing us to cuddle up in order to conduct the interview. Despite what we were working with, Jordan was an excellent guest to interview and our first episode went live not too long after. 

Although Talha and I received a bit of praise form our peers about the success of the episode, we knew that a podcast alone was unsustainable. On its own, it didn’t have the impact we wanted, nor could we justify it as a “project” in order to receive funding. Nevertheless, our first episode marked the critical first step on the path we tread today.

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