New Life (And New Connections)

We spent two weeks thinking about what to do for a project but were ultimately coming up empty. It seemed as though everything that could be done was being done, albeit by someone more experienced and better funded. We decided to table PushStart for now to focus on our studies, although an opportunity presented itself that we could not resist. 

Enactus Regina hosted a project showcase. The pitching/networking event brought in members of the business community as well as fellow Enactus members to learn about the amazing ork being done right here in Regina. Notably, we had the opportunity to get to know many of the other members a lot better. I particularly remember having a chat with Jordan Tholl, the project manager for Paperback Beads, about the amazing work that he and his team were doing with Carmichael Outreach, a homeless shelter in Regina.

Being around such distinguished individuals must have ignited something, for it was there in the bright halls of the College Avenue Campus that Talha and I decided to start from the ground up. If we couldn’t think of ideas for a project, why not set up a mechanism for inspiration? Why not find an excuse to speak with business owners and entrepreneurs in hopes of generating a bit of innovation for ourselves? From this basic idea, the PushStart Podcast was born.

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