Going It Alone

Despite the success of the PushStart Podcast, Talha and I were eager to keep the metaphorical ball rolling. We met up a few days before Christmas after final exams were over to discuss what we ought to do next. Talha informed me that he had been mulling over a few ideas for a project in his head but wasn’t entirely sure about them. Mostly, they involved starting up a new social media network, an idea that I was (ironically) doubtful of at first. I was unsure if there was a market for this, let alone the capability for two guys to build it. Talha and I agreed to sit on the idea and record a new episode of the podcast in the meantime.

Forgoing our traditional format of interviewing an entrepreneur, we decided to record an episode that was just the two of us. We selected a topic that we felt was pertinent to business (Artificial Intelligence) and spent an hour doing independent research. We didn’t share our findings; it was better to surprise each other with what we were able to learn. 

Releasing the AI episode not long after, we were initially dismayed at its performance. Only five plays in over twenty four hours? We decided to wait and see if it would catch up to our other episodes, assuming that the poor performance was due to our regular listeners being home for the holidays. In the end, our gamble paid off and the AI episode became one of the podcast’s most popular episodes of all time. 

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