Anotha’ One

Finishing off our semester, we released two new episodes of the podcast. At the time, we didn’t have the connections to move beyond Enactus Regina in search of guests, but thankfully the organisation has no shortage of incredible individuals. First, we interviewed our friend Sal Moolla, the founder of Fifo. Sal is among our biggest supporters in Enactus, having delivered the news about the demise of Junior Achievement and continually dropping not-so-subtle hints that we ought to start a project. His interview, conducted in the Enactus Regina office itself, still ranks as one of our favourites.

Next, we interviewed Syed Kamal, another Enactus member and the project manager for the Regina chapter of Prince’s Operation Entrepreneur. Syed as well has been a strong supporter of PushStart and his interview provided us with valuable insight about how to run a project properly. With these two episodes up and running, we felt content that the seeds planted in September would begin to bear fruit soon enough.

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