A Lucky Break?

Although our original idea had been a no-go, opportunity would present itself again. Junior Achievement, a province-wide business club for Saskatchewan high school students, folded around this time, leaving a hole in the market that we were eager to fill. PushStart pivoted, setting itself up as a new, invigorated alternative to Junior Achievement. Talha had I sacrificed quite a bit of our spare time trying to get this new idea off the ground. Tracking down potentially interested educators, calling and emailing high schools, and even drafting a curriculum over Thanksgiving supper occupied our thoughts for a time.

But alas, the hole in the market was gone. High schools had replaced Junior Achievement with their own courses and clubs, removing the need for PushStart. We spoke to several experts in the field about what we ought to do. By the time Halloween came, the consensus was in; we needed to pivot once again in order to make a difference.

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